Asbestos Roof Repair

Spot Repair

Repair your Asbestos Roof to extend your roof life & stop or prevent leaks!

If you have an asbestos roof then it has already exceeded its service life and is most likely showing signs of ages including cracks & almost most definitely showing old Rusty capless fixings etc)

We can help you repair and seal these troublesome details and extend your roofs life by years – with cost effective patch up options to cost you effective full overlays with a 20-year warranty.

Working on asbestos roofs is extremely dangerous, however we have all the right skills and specialist access equipment to get the job done properly & quickly for you.

The asbestos roof simply cannot be walked on or drilled in order to repair or overlay.

In order to patch and repair an asbestos roof in a certain area we assemble a special asbestos roof safety walkway with harness hook points across the roof which makes it safe to walk on.

To repair the asbestos, we use a high-quality polyurethane based waterproofing system which is compatible with the asbestos sheets (and other surfaces)

Once applied this will seal any issues and stop rain entering your building and damaging your stock or endangering your employees with wet or slippery floors.

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