Asbestos Roof Encapsulation
Asbestos Roof Encapsulation

About Stripping Asbestos

You can now Forget about stripping asbestos roofs off which costs a fortune and replacing same with a new insulated panel roof which costs another astronomical fortune.. (ranging from 250 to even 350 per m2)

We can now save you lots of money and hassle whilst delivering a high spec fully insulated and seamless leak free roof like you have never seen before from €100 – €150 per m2!

The Math speaks for itself

Let’s explore same on a hypothetical 2000 m2 roof.


Old Method: 628,500 plus VAT

Old method:

Scaffolding, netting, crane, forklift

Asbestos removal: €28,500

New insulated roof panel system supplied and fitted: €600,000

Cost of shutting down the business for the time of works: priceless?

Our Method Total: 245,000 plus VAT

Scaffolding, special asbestos roof deck and edge protection and wind blocker: €25,000

Polyurethane spray foam insulation and Lava 20 liquid rubber system seamlessly applied & fully bonded to encapsulate the asbestos roof – €220,000

New system Total €245,000 plus vat

Total saving by choosing our method: €383,500!!!!!!!

Now if that doesn’t make you think or reach out to us for a quote then I don’t know what will. 

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